Global Strategic Integration


a geographic visualization and data networking tool

01 / ACT

Global Strategic Integration (GSI), LLC developed and manages FLEX,  a geographic visualization and data networking tool named for the flexagon model. FLEX was initially developed and successfully field tested in 2014 for SOCOM. FLEX delivers actionable intelligence, predicated on connecting discreet, exigent, non-traditional information from existing databases. 

02 / FAST

The content is automatically extracted and extrapolated using key-word tagging and unique identifiers in near real-time. FLEX produces uniquely explicit information in enterprise-wide traditional systems using enterprise-approved security tagging for compartmentalization. The results are displayed on a dynamically layered, geo-referenced digital map interface of the world.


FLEX has the capability to connect data from multiple organizational and agency databases to build a comprehensive and exhaustive intelligence picture, providing the most accurate COP/CIP available to respective stakeholders, and enabling the enterprise to rapidly and efficiently illuminate critical intelligence gaps to understand and act to close those gaps.



Fairfax, Virginia



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